Brian Blackwell

Hendersonville Service

From Louisville Kentucky; Brian’s aptitude for mechanical things was nourished by his father, who helped him rebuild cars and allowed him to work in the family business repairing electrical apparatus. When Brian was exposed to industrial electronics, his thirst for knowledge took him back to college in 1984. While studying at the J. B. Speed School of Engineering, Brian started riding mountain bikes with friends as a way to relax and take the mind off engineering classes. After graduation he worked in the Computer Integrated Manufacturing field: Designing, programming and maintaining computer systems used for industrial automation. Brian learned the art of bicycle maintenance and repair during self supported endurance mountain bike races. In 2001 he changed careers for the third time, working for a small outdoor outfitter, Derby City Outfitters. This small start opened the opportunity to work at several of the Midwest’s largest bicycle and fitness retailers. Brian comes to Sycamore Cycles with a passion for Mountain Trail and Gravity riding. He has experience with most aspects of cycling; Bike Fit, Electronic Shift Systems, Hydraulic Disc Brakes, Suspension, Triathlon and Wheel Building.

Current Bikes: Specialized Stumpjumper, NS Soda EVO, and a '93 Gary Fisher Hoo koo e koo


Favorite Local Mountain Bike Route: Anything in Pisgah


Favorite Local Gravel Bike Route: Pinnacle Mountain Road loop

Nathan Brock

Pisgah Forest Service Manager

After many years of spending weekends in the North Carolina mountains, Nathan knew this is where he belonged. After working in his local bike shop in South Carolina, he decided it was time to move to where he loved spending his time off, WNC. After running a successful rental shop in Bryson City, NC for ten years and meeting his wife there, they decided that Pisgah is where they needed to call home. With 17 plus years in the bike industry, Nathan enjoys all types of riding! He enjoys the nice early morning shreds in the woods and also enjoys the adrenaline that screaming down a smooth pavement road brings. He thrives on getting groups together and feels that the fellowship that it holds is like no other. Come by the shop – he loves talking trails and will take care of any needs you and your bike may have

Current Bikes: Stumpjumper Pro 29, Salsa Vaya, Tarmac SL

Wishlist: A Sprinter Van

Favorite Events: Pisgah Stage Race


Favorite Local Road Bike Route: Rosman loop w/ Walnut Hollow


Favorite Local Mountain Bike Route: Cove Creek->Daniel Ridge->Butter->Cat

Favorite Local Gravel Bike Route: 475B->477->276->475C->Bracken->Town

Chuck Carlson

Pisgah Forest Sales and Trail Crew

Riding bicycles has always been captivating to Chuck. Having lived in Colorado and Idaho during his elementary school years, Chuck was able to ride with his parents on local bike paths, and around the areas neighboring his community. Moving to Florida as a pre teen, Chuck spent time riding in Tomoka State Park, a short ride from his house. From this local riding, his desire  to find more challenging terrain would grow.


The local/regional trail networks (Razorback, Hard Rock, Santos, Deleon Springs, Tom Brown, Hanna Park) are where Chuck enjoyed riding his bike the most; along with the dirt jumps, bmx tracks, and skate parks that Florida offers. It was in this community/region that Chuck would establish lifelong friendships, leading him to the Pisgah Forest area.


Establishing close friends through riding came quickly, and it wasn’t long before trips to Western North Carolina for riding in the mountains were occurring more frequently. After a decade of travel, it was time to relocate. Simple goal; live and work as close to the Pisgah trail network as he possibly could…...goal achieved.


Throughout all the years of riding, Chuck has also engaged in weightlifting, running, surfing (both shaping boards and riding waves), swimming, beach volleyball, skiing and is currently an active trail crew leader on the Pisgah Ranger District. 


When not riding his bike, you will most likely find Chuck gardening, weightlifting, landscaping, cooking, hiking, doing trail work, and spending time with his wife and dogs.


Current Bikes: Specialized Enduro, Specialized Diverge, and Specialized Enduro SX


Wishlist: decommissioned military HUMVEE 


Favorite place to ride: Windrock


Favorite Local Mountain Bike Route: Laurel Mountain - Pilot Rock  


Favorite Local Skinny Wheel Route: The old Monster Cross course - clockwise

Wes Dickson


In 1989 as a 13 year old, Wes started riding his mountain bike in Pisgah with his dad… or you could say that he got dragged around by his Pops. With Hi Tech boots, Canti brakes, and thumb shifters on a rigid 26er (Giant ATX 760) somehow his love of riding bikes grew and grew. He began competing in mountain and road races throughout the southeast and has never stopped. 


In 2000, Wes decided to turn his passion into a career. He knew that “if he built it, they would come”, so after being rejected for a business loan to start Sycamore Cycles, he decided to try and get things moving by applying for a furniture loan instead. After 20 years, 2 locations, 4 moves, 2 expansions, and currently 17 employees, that small furniture loan has helped make Sycamore Cycles synonymous with cycling in western North Carolina. 


Wes continues to race his bike throughout the southeast and beyond. In recent years, he has competed in mountain bike stage races in Canada, Guatemala, Iceland, Switzerland (twice), and Pisgah (many times). His love of riding has been passed down to his daughter who is now racing competitively for the Brevard College Cycling Team. 


Most recently (October 2019), Wes has been instrumental in getting our local NICA (National Interscholastic Cycling Association) chapter up and running. As a founder and coach, he has been able to get around 50 kids (and many parents) riding bikes 3 times a week on the local trails and competing at a state level in mountain bike racing.  


His wife, Ashley, is a teacher and avid thrift shopper, and their daughter, Hannah, plans on following her mother into the teaching profession, and following her dad by continuing to race bikes.


Current Bikes: 

Specialized Epic EVO, Salsa Timberjack, Giant Trance, Specialized Allez DSW, Specialized Allez Cr-Mo,  Giant TCR, Giant Revolt, Specialized Vado 


Future Bike: 

Something not made yet….


Favorite Events: Swank, Pisgah Stage Race, Dirt Diggler, Tuesday Night Worlds!


Favorite Local Road Bike Route: Up 276 to the Parkway and back


Favorite Local Mountain Bike Route: Up Davidson river trail Up cove creek to 225 to Daniel the rocky side up to butter gap to up long branch back out on Davidson river trail


Favorite Local Gravel Bike Route: 276 - 475 - Indian creek road-215- Tannassee gap to pressley Fields road- Old wagon gap rd-Macedonia Church rd- Diamond Creek Rd-215-Indian creek road-475-475c- Bracken mountain trail- Probart street- Brevard bike path- Back to the shop 

Shane Dunn

Hendersonville Sales

Shane started riding bikes as a kid as a way to explore the neighborhood. His first bike was an early 90s Mongoose BMX bike, with mag wheels! Every spare minute he could find, he would spend building jumps and trails in the woods near his house. By 2002 he was addicted to all kinds of off-road riding. By 2004 he had accumulated a Specialized P2 dirt jump bike, Trek 820 (upgraded to have a suspension fork!), and a Cheetah Prowler downhill bike by saving all his money from doing yard work in the neighborhood. 


Shane’s first job at a bike shop was in 2006 building bikes, which allowed him to make just enough money to race downhill in high school. In college at App State he stepped away from cycling and played in a number of different bands. After college, Shane moved to Wilmington, NC, to be with his future wife Kristin. He got into riding again, commuting on his road bike around the city and riding BMX at the local skate park. He worked as a bicycle mechanic on the coast for 2 years before moving to Hendersonville in 2015. 


Shane is happy to be part of the sales team in Hendersonville since 2017. He enjoys everything from road biking to the occasional dirt jump. He is happy to be at Sycamore to help with any of your riding needs!


Current Bikes: Rocky Mountain Instinct BC, Giant TCR Pro, Giant Via Commuter, Specialized P3


Future Bikes: All-City Cosmic Stallion, Giant Trance 29


Favorite Road Ride: Davis Mountain - Hebron -Big Willow/ Moonshine Mountain -Finley Cove - up to Jump Off


Favorite Mountain ride: Laurel Mountain to Pilot Rock in Pisgah and all of the Corn Mill Shoals side of DuPont.

Carlos Galarza

Pisgah Forest Service and Trail Maintence Crew

Riding bikes his whole life, he started mountain biking in 1989. Being a military brat, he’s lived just about everywhere, but calls Pisgah Forest home now. You’ll find him out exploring trails and backroads, volunteering at races, or riding his custom cruisers around town. As a certifed sawyer he’s also very active maintaining the local trails. His passion for biking has made his transition from graphic art to the bike world seamless. With his attention to detail, he’s ready to give any customer’s bike the love it needs.

Current Bikes: Specialized Stumpjumper, Surly Disc Trucker, Various Custom Cruisers

Wish List: A first generation Porsche 911

Favorite Events: Swank


Favorite Local Mountain Bike Route: Cove Creek to Daniel Ridge


Favorite Local Gravel Bike Route: Undisclosed location

Andrew Kallman "AK"

Pisgah Forest Rentals Manager

Originally from North Eastern Pennsylvania, Andrew grew up riding, jumping, and skidding any bike around. With plenty of deer trails in the Pocono Mountains, he quickly realized his love for getting out in the forest and exploring. His sense of adventure started in the dirt, but soon transitioned to pavement when he was given an old skateboard by his sister around age 9. 


Bikes still played an important role during his teen years and gave him a sense of freedom and transportation. Unknown to his parents, he once rode his Free Agent BMX bike almost 10 miles to town on one of the busiest roads in the area to meet some friends. Skateboarding was life for next 10 years. 


One broken elbow in 2008 and a surgery to follow, Andrew’s skateboard career was about over. He packed up, moved south, and eventually landed in Downtown Charleston, SC. While cruising from work on his ‘65 Schwinn Typhoon, he met a neighbor who owned a vintage road bike, converted to a fixed gear commuter. He immediately hopped on craigslist and scored a killer deal on a used road bike. 


Bicycles became a new obsession, and a main source of transportation for years to come, as he moved around the US… Charleston to Portland, to Asheville, back to Charlotte, back to Charleston, then in 2014 to Louisville, KY, where he landed his first job as a bike mechanic.


Four years, many bikes, and one (hopefully the last) move later, Andrew settled in Brevard, NC, working at Sycamore Cycles as the Rental Manager. When Andrew is not at work, he’s either in the forest or at school, where he is studying to become a Licensed Massage Therapist. 


Current Bikes: 2020 Rocky Mountain Growler, 2014 Salsa El Mariachi, Dahon Folder


Wishlist: All-City Super Professional single speed commuter


Favorite Local Road Bike Route: Crushing the bike path 


Favorite Local Mountain Bike Trails: Bracken Mtn (blue/yellow/blue), Turkey Knob to Grassy Creek


Favorite Local Gravel Bike Route: (Dupont) Guion Farm-Sky Valley Rd-Pinnacle Mtn Rd-Joanna Rd-Buckforest Rd

Kevin McMahon

Pisgah Forest Service

Kevin grew up in a small town in Connecticut playing hockey, lacrosse, and of course riding bikes.  His love for riding was focused around the early freeride days, where he would spend countless hours in the woods with his friends building elaborate ladder bridges, north-shore style skinnies, teeter-totters, and big drops.  


During his college years his focus shifted away from bicycles as he was busy playing lacrosse for the Ohio Wesleyan Battling Bishops and making his way through school.


After college, Kevin went into the family business helping to run a medium sized Ford dealership back in Connecticut.  His passion for riding re-ignited in his mid twenties, and the difficult decision was made to leave the family business in order to pursue that passion.  


His plan was always to move to the mountains, but it first involved a brief detour to Charleston, South Carolina to fetch his college sweetheart who was living there at the time.  The two have since been married, and their family has started growing as they recently welcomed a new baby boy into the world.


While Kevin doesn’t mind pedaling to the top, his favorite trail is any one that points back down the hill.  If Pisgah had a chairlift, he’d be in Heaven.


Current Bikes:  Specialized Enduro, Spooky Metalhead


Wishlist:  A Specialized Demo 8 and a place to ride it


Favorite Trails:  Heartbreak Ridge, Black Mountain


Local Food Recommendations:  Daggie’s Elite Catering DDC with Fries (Double Deluxe w/Cheese), El Chapala Mexican Restaurant's Burrito Gallo

Justin Miles

Hendersonville sales

Justin grew up in Etowah NC with an absolute love for anything with wheels. When he wasn’t terrorizing the neighborhood on his four wheeler, he and his buddies were in the woods building jumps, making trails, or burning up the streets of Etowah. One day he read an article by Zapata Espinoza in a Mountain Bike Action Mag and he was hooked. Next Christmas (probably 1991)  his parents sprung for a cheap mountain bike. Now with geared bikes, they were able to go for much longer rides adventuring out to Mills River and the wayback parts of Etowah. His parents agreed to drop them off in Pisgah to do Thrift Cove and Lower Black as well as Turkey Pen Gap for hours of fun. 


In 1998 he got his first nice steed, a steel frame Marin Pine Mtn and started adventuring out to Bent Creek and farther into Pisgah. A few years later he met the folks at Sycamore through the Thursday night group ride, became a regular, and the rest is history. Bikes have always played an extremely huge role in Justin’s mental, physical and spiritual health as well as providing a solid community to be a part of.


He has been a part of the Sycamore crew for over eight years and is more than STOKED to guide you in whatever you might be looking for whether it’s trail advice or a new whip. 


When he’s not being your friendly face at Sycamore Cycles, you’ll find him riding bikes, drawing/painting, playing hard in the yard or hiking with his family. And when he’s not doing that, you’ll find him writing, recording, and producing music. FYI Keep your eyes peeled for a brand new album under the name jMiles coming very soon!


Current bike: Vintage Yeti Arc


Wishlist: 87’-88’ Toyota Landcruiser, Recording Studio Space, New full suspension(not picky)


Favorite race: Swank


Favorite Trail: Avery’s Creek


Favorite Road Route: Ridin the neighborhood with my 5 year old.


Mantra: Keep Moving Forward

Art Odell

Manager, Fitter, Procurement

In 1982, while on vacation visiting his grandmother in Europe, 13 year old Art stumbled across live TV coverage of the Tour de France. After hours and hours of watching bike racing, his life was changed forever. Upon returning home to Maryland, he mowed lawns, raked leaves, baled hay, and killed mice (10¢ a head) to pay for his shiny new blue Ross road bike, which he rode for miles and miles over the quiet eastern shore farmland roads. Downtube shifters, toe clips, no helmet and just a banana or two in the back pocket of his wool jersey, he enjoyed exploring and getting lost on rides with his buddies. 


In 1991, while attending Frostburg State University, Art discovered a new type of cycling that required him to save up once again. His Miyata Elevation 1000 was a fully rigid mountain bike that allowed him to explore on a bicycle in a completely new way. Art rode on deer paths, mining roads, ATV trails, backyards, and old quarries up and down the mountains of central Appalachia. All day riding adventures with his college buddies on either road or mountain bikes were the norm on weekends. 


After college, Art spent time living in Salt Lake City (great for cycling), northern Delaware (awful for cycling), and Franklin County, Virginia (great for cycling), before moving to Brevard (The best place for year round cycling!) in 2002. 


Art has been at Sycamore Cycles since March of 2011. Before Sycamore Cycles, Art was a jewelry engraver, a dishwasher, an illegal sailboat captain, a printer, a fitness equipment salesman, an elementary school teacher, a restaurant owner, and a stay at home dad.


Outside of his cycling habit, Art enjoys trail running, hiking, chess, cooking, sewing and watching Tottenham football with his wife, Lydia, and teenage son, Brady. Come on you Spurs!


Current Bikes: Specialized Tarmac, Specialized Diverge, Specialized Chisel


Wishlist: a trail bike, a dedicated commuter bike


Favorite Events: Swank, ORAMM, AOTC, Dirt Diggler, Southern Cross


Favorite Local Road Bike Route: 276 - Parkway - 215 - Brevard


Favorite Local Mountain Bike Route:  Clawhammer - Club - Bennett


Favorite Local Gravel Bike Route: 477 - 276 - 475b - 475 - 471 - Brevard

Charlie Putnal "Tune"

Hendersonville Service

    Charlie has been into bikes, fishing and surfing from a very young age. Growing up in Florida, BMX was huge and that’s where it all started. Commuting to elementary school and jumping everything in sight, collecting mates along the way.  It was a common occurrence to show back up at the house so mom could clean up road rash and drive him to school. Those days at Brookshire Elementary were special, you could look out the window of the classroom at the bike racks and it was nothing but full on BMX and cruiser race bikes. ELF’s, Patterson’s, GT’s, Kuwahara’s and Redlines, it was a super cool scene to grow up in. If there was an open lot there was a track on it. When school was out he went from spot to spot sharpening the knife for the weekend’s races at Barnett Park. Growing up in Florida was truly RAD.

    Charlie’s passion for bikes carried into high school, but unlike most, he stayed with it even after getting his driver’s license.  It took a back seat to surfing for a period of time since he could now drive himself to the beach. After graduating high school, Charlie moved to the beach to hone those surfing skills for competition. Growing up in Florida with aspirations of surfing competitively had its lulls due to the lack of good conditions. All that idle time waiting for swell was spent inshore fishing for Redfish, Snook,  Trout, and really anything that would bite. That fishing passion turned into a professional career, and for 12 years in a row he qualified for Top 50 teams in the nation on the Walmart FLW Tour. He basically poured his entire life savings into making it as a professional angler. At that level even winning a single tournament could have meant fishing for a living. He and his brother came so close so many times, but the loss of full time sponsorship ended the run. It was a good one and those times with his brother are his fondest.

    Fast forward 10 years and several more hobbies he’s tried to master (MMA/Cage Fighting, Motocross, RC Cars and wakeboarding all while still riding the bike extensively). Charlie ended up back in his home state of Georgia working as a hunting guide and game/land manager on over 9,000 acres of land. He held this job down for 15 years until life threw another curveball, his mom Katherine currently living in Flat Rock, NC was diagnosed with stage 4C ovarian cancer. Charlie packed light and moved to Flat Rock, not leaving his mom’s side who has now been living with cancer for more than 8 years. Being new in town with no job, Charlie decided to take some bike mechanic classes at the Appalachian Bicycle Institute in-between doctors’ visits and helping his mom, which at the time was almost a full time job. Once things slowed down and Katherine was showing signs of a great recovery, Charlie was in need of work and found a job at Sycamore Cycles. The rest is history. 

    Charlie says, “I feel so blessed that Wes took me under his wing and I have been with Sycamore Cycles for 7 years now. It has been an amazing journey and these guys are like family.”

Current Bikes: Specialized Allez DSW, Specialized Allez Sprint, 2014 Specialized Camber, Specialized Crux, Specialized Stumpjumper HT EVO, Specialized Crux SS

Wish List: It’s like Christmas morning every day in here… umm Venge, Tarmac, Stumpjumper, Epic

Favorite Gravel Route: Lake Summit Loop

Favorite Road Bike Climbs: Skyuka, Caesar’s Head, Bearwallow, US 215, Pinnacle, Jump Off Rock

Austin Parsons

Hendersonville Service Manager

As a kid growing up on the coast of Ormond Beach, Florida,  Austin has always been a bit of an adventurer. When Austin wasn't biking with friends, he was scouting, going on fishing trips with his uncles or working for his dad's construction company. In 1997, at the age of 15, a good buddy of Austin's introduced him to the unique sport of Mountain Bike Trials, fun and challenging, this hobby quickly turned into an obsession with practicing maneuvers until the wee hours of the morning.  At the age of 16, with the ink on his first drivers license barely dry, Austin loaded up his bike, drove across the flatlands of Florida to the Appalachian foothills of Helen, Georgia to enter his first trials competition. As his first mountain bike event this trip was a monumental moment in Austin's cycling journey and laid the land for years ahead filled with riding adventures which eventually turned into trips to Western North Carolina and the mountains he rides and calls home today.  


Outside of work, Austin is hiking with his highschool sweetheart Marcy and their dog Olive, working on their cabin, exploring backroads on his groad bike, maintaining trails with his friend Captain Chuck, or surfing the trails of Pisgah on his mountain bike. 


Current bikes:  Specialized Stumpjumper and Specialized Crux


Wishlist: New Groad Bike, DJ Bike


Favorite Mountain Bike Route: Clawhammer - Upper Black - Middle Black - Thrift - Sycamore Cove


Favorite Gravel Route: 475B - 1206 - 476 - South Mills - Buckhorn - Clawhammer


Favorite Road Route: North Clear Creek - Gerton - Bearwallow Mountain

Justin Raynes


Justin is a native of Williamsburg, VA. Like most active kids, he grew up riding around his neighborhood jumping ditches, skidding tires, and racing around parks, and fields with his buddies. He played organized soccer through high school, and even spent a summer living in Brazil playing futbol. In an attempt to get into shape for his soccer season, Justin rode a mountain bike. He quickly discovered that he had a natural endurance and skill for this new sport, and was soon competing in some local races. 


His passion quickly became cycling, so after high school, Justin studied at The United Bicycle Institute. He began working in the cycling industry while also chasing his dreams of one day becoming a professional mountain bike racer. In 2006, after winning the Nova Desert Classic, and after just 6 years of competing, Justin earned his pro racing license. 


Dating back to 2004, Justin has been racing against Sycamore Cycles’ owner, Wes Dickson throughout the southeast. They love to share race stories of who beat who, when, and on which course. In 2018, after living in Bozeman, MT for 8 years, Justin reached out to Wes to see if he was hiring. The rest is history. Wes and Justin have revived their rivalry and are both getting stronger because of each other. In the 2019 Swank 65, after 30 miles of mountains, rocks, and roots, the two had a sprint finish that is still being disputed.  - Ask Wes for the phone video proof.


Justin has a great work ethic, on and off the bike. He is always the first to show up for the early work shift or a bike ride, and he is the one local rider who is most likely going to ride his road bike in the type of weather that most of us would not consider rideable.


He holds the title for the largest thighs (26”) of anyone that can also pedal uphill faster than many professional road bike racers. His other title is the “Cleanest Bike”. His attention to detail is applied for his and his customers’ bikes. No one cleans a bike like Justin!


Before working at Sycamore Cycles, Justin worked his craft at Bikes Unlimited in Williamsburg, VA for 8 years, and Owenhouse in Bozeman, MT, also for 8 years. His other work experience was helping his dad with the family surveying business during his childhood.


Justin loves snowboarding and lifting weights. He loves crunching his training data and works part time as a cycling coach, too. He lives in Henderson County with his fiance, Brooke and their dogs, Ridley and Rowley.


Current Bikes: Rocky Mountain Element, Specialized Crux, Giant TCR


Favorite Events: Dirt Diggler, Tidewater Challenge

Favorite Road Ride: Any ride that makes Charlie Putnal whine

Favorite Gravel Ride: 477 - 475b - 475 - 276

Favorite Mountain Bike Ride - Squirrel Gap Trail

William Schlemmer "Yung Will"

Hendersonville Service

Will grew up in Birmingham, Alabama and has been an outdoorsman his whole life. Between growing up going to motocross races to watch his dad to racing XC for years as a kid he honed his love for 2 wheels.  After racing cross country for a few years Will got a full suspension trail bike and it was all “downhill” from there, he developed a love for jumping bigger stuff and doing wheelies. 

Eventually when he was 15 Will was told he needed to get a job, so he went straight to the bike shop he had been going to his whole life and was hired on the spot. Over time he went from the part-time shop kid sweeping floors and stocking shelves to being a full time mechanic. During that time he discovered BMX and loved how he could just leave from the house and ride the city and use every little ledge or obstacle differently, if you’re willing to crash that many times…

Around the same time Will discovered a love for whitewater kayaking and the new ways you could use the outdoors for exciting activities. After a few years and many rivers, Will left Alabama to become a raft guide on the Arkansas River in Colorado.  While not for everybody, living in a tent and going out on the river almost every day suited him perfectly, so when the time came to go back to Birmingham, Will was less than happy sitting in the city away from the mountains he fell in love with. When looking for the next adventure, he figured out that in North Carolina you can have gnarly mtb trails, Class V kayaking, and some great mountains to play in year round he knew that WNC was the place to be.

When looking for a job in the area he knew immediately that Sycamore was the right kind of bike shop, always putting the spirit of the sport first and not the profit of the company. Since then it’s been almost 2 years of progressing his skills as a mechanic and maybe a few practice wheelies around the shop with no stop in sight.

Current bikes: 2019 Giant Reign SX, 1984 Trek 500 single speed, Meta 20” trials bike

Wish List: Yeti SB 140, Specialized Demo 

Favorite Mountain Bike Trail: Bennett Gap

Favorite Place to Kayak: The Green

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